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Benefits of a Level Account
Benefits of a Level Account

Why should I join Level?

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Framing with Level is even better when you have an an account. No spam, just a service you can depend on to beautifully frame your artwork, photos and more.

Here are some of the reasons to join Level, before or after placing your first order:

  • It’s free to join!

  • Sleek, efficient and user-friendly interface with streamlined access to the best custom framing experience online.

  • Our exclusive rewards program in which you can earn Level credits that can be used on any future purchases.

  • Review and keep track of past and current orders all in one place.

  • Upon joining, you'll receive a bonus goodie ;)

If you want to level up your frame game, we suggest signing up for an account!

Framed with us in the past without setting up your account? You can activate it here.

Check out a more detailed overview of accounts and the benefits in this blog post.

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