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Sell framed versions of your work
Sell framed versions of your work

An overview of the types of services we offer to artists

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We love helping artists and photographers sell framed versions of their work, and have a number of ways to partner depending on your needs.

Print, frame & ship on demand with your own storefront

To create the most seamless way of presenting your work with a framing option, we built a platform called Dot Press where you can create your own portfolio or artist storefront page for free.

It's the first end-to-end solution designed specifically for selling artwork and photos with (or without) printing, custom framing, shipping, and customer support built right in.

Once you've created an account, you can upload your high-resolution images and fill out names and descriptions for each.

To make a work available for purchase, just set it to “For Sale” and we’ll automatically suggest a range of print sizes and prices. You can adjust the pricing however you like or add new sizes, and we’ll show you the expected profit per sale.

Your customers can browse your work, select a print, and purchase it with the option to custom frame it however they like.

When a sale occurs, we handle printing, framing, shipping and any customer support required.

Everything is visible in real-time on your account dashboard, and as soon as the order ships, we send the profits directly to your account.

Using Dot Press alongside your own portfolio or storefront

Many of our artist partners already have a site they prefer to use and promote.

These partners add or embed "Buy it Framed" buttons on their own sites which point to the works they have set up on Dot Press. You can create buttons or links directly to your Dot Press portfolio page, or create links to each individual work that your customers can use to checkout.

We even provide an embed code for each print. It's another option that lets you maintain your own site and use Dot Press as the backend for selling and fulfilling framed versions of your work without any additional effort.

Here is a full rundown on using Dot Press and the features we offer.

Selling works you have already printed

If you prefer to do your own printing or have an existing inventory of prints you'd like to sell with a framing option, we can help with that as well. This setup would not necessarily require a Dot Press account.

Invisible Creature is one partner in this category. They have added "Buy it Framed" buttons to their own site for every print, which sends people to the framing step at Level Frames. Here is an example:

Each print for sale on the site has a corresponding "Buy it Framed" button that sends customers to the same print inside our frame visualizer where the customer can select a frame style and check out:

For some of these partners, we securely stock a number of their prints in our framing studio and can frame and ship orders within a few days. Other artists send the prints to us after each sale for us to frame and then ship ready to hang directly to the customer. In addition we offer a full range of fine art print services.

If you are interested in this option, you can let us know via our artist partnership inquiry form.

Dedicated support

To get more information or start a conversation about which option is right for you, fill out this brief form and someone from our Artist Partnerships team will get back to you within a few days or faster.

Thanks for your interest!

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