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Adding a "Buy it framed" button to your Shopify store
Adding a "Buy it framed" button to your Shopify store
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Giving a framing option to your customers from your Shopify store is super easy. First sign up for a Dot Press account, if you haven't already.

Next, in your Dot Press print manager, click on the "more" button next to one of your prints.

On the next page you'll see the option for grabbing the "Buy it framed" button code. Copy this code (shown below).

Next, go into your shopify product edit view. In the description box for your product, click the little html editor icon. Shown below:

Next, paste the code you copied previously.

Unclick the html icon to see how the button will look. Save changes to your product and you're all done. We'll print, frame and ship to your customer and you'll automatically get paid through Stripe when a sale is made!

This process is much easier than dealing with any Shopify app that requires a ton of manual and confusing work. Not to mention, we handle all the customer support for any order issues that might arise.

Try it out!

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