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Need help tracking down your favorite record?

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We'd be more than happy to help track down any record you're looking for.

If you don’t see the album in our search, you can reach out to us via chat, email or Twitter and we’ll do our best to find it.

We've sourced hundreds of records from all of the major online retailers, secondary markets like eBay and Discogs, and even our local record shops here in Brooklyn (our favorite option). 

Once we find a seller with an authentic album and the best price, we'll send you a link to purchase everything together. We'll then take care of acquiring the record, framing it in our studio, and sending it you ready to hang.

Twitter: @Levelframes
Email: hello@level frames


If you would like to frame an album you already own., you can either send it into us for the framing, or we can send you an empty frame and you can complete the process at home (a 15 to 20 minute DIY project):

What's your favorite record?

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