For glazing, acrylic is used (instead of traditional glass) based on its lighter weight, shatter-resistance, and level of clarity. 

Our Standard Glaze is framers grade Acrylite® FF-3. It's optically pure and works well for most prints and photos.

You can opt for our UV+ version (Acrylite® OP-3) to filter out 99% of UV rays that can fade paper-based artwork over time. A smart choice for anything of value or if you are hanging the frame in direct sunlight.

Our Non-Glare glaze minimizes reflections from surrounding light sources and offers  around 70% UV protection. It has a subtle, matte coating that diffuses light, but can cause a minute loss of clarity when the artwork is viewed from up close and at sharp angles.

Finally, Optium Museum is an anti-reflective, super light and virtually invisible acrylic trusted by the world’s top museums. You get crystal clear viewing with 99% UV protection for the absolute best in display and preservation.


Clean and protect your acrylic with a microfiber cloth and/or an acrylic cleaner, never use any type of window glass cleaner or paper hand towels.

If you have any questions about which glaze is right for your artwork, we can help!

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