What types of glaze we use for framing

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For glazing, only high-performance Tru Vue acrylic is used (instead of traditional glass) based on its lightweight, shatter-resistance, and level of clarity.ย 

Our Standard Glaze is optically pure Premium Clear acrylic. It's a fine choice for many items, but UV rays may fade or discolor the artwork over time.

You can opt for our UV Protective version (Conservation Clear) to filter out 99% of UV rays that can fade artwork over time. This option is a good choice for anything that is irreplaceable, or if you are hanging the frame in a sunny room.

Our Non-Glare UV (Conservation Reflection Control) has a subtle, matte coating that diffuses light to cut down on reflections, and offers 99% UV protection. If you have added a mat to your frame, this glaze may cause a slight softening or blurring of the contents under certain viewing conditions.

Finally, the Optium Museum acrylic has a special coating that not only makes it virtually invisible in most lighting situations, also scratch-resistant and anti-static. You get crystal clear viewing along with 99% UV protection for the absolute best in display and preservation.


Clean and protect your acrylic with a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol. Never use regular window glass cleaner or paper towels.

If you have any questions about which glaze is right for your artwork, we can help!

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