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Purchasing & Redeeming a Gift Card
Purchasing & Redeeming a Gift Card

How to use physical and digital gift cardd from Level Frames

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e-Gift Cards

Our digital gift cards can be purchased in any amount and sent to your recipient by email on the day of your choosing.

If you are the recipient of an e-Gift Card, you'll receive an email from Level Frames that contains the sender's name and a special link that brings you to our site where your gift card credits will be activated.

When items have been added to your cart, the gift card balance will show up and be applied at checkout. You can always go back to the e-mail and click the same link to activate any remaining credits, and can continue to use the link until your gift card balance reaches $0.

Physical Gift Cards

Designed for in-person gifting, these can be purchased in different denominations and arrive in the mail within 3 to 4 days.

If you are the recipient of one of these cards, use the special link on the back and enter the unique code you will find to activate your credits.

Similar to the e-Gift Cards, you can re-enter the code at any time to activate remaining credits until the gift card balance reaches $0.

Expiration and Refunds

Gift cards do not expire, but cannot be returned or exchanged for cash (except where required by law). If a purchase made with a gift card is returned, the original gift card will be credited. If a refund is due on any purchase made with a gift card, the original gift card will be credited.

Purchasing a Gift Card

To order a physical or digital gift card for custom framing, visit our gift card page. Read more about purchasing and using gift cards in this blog post.


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