We print your photos using top-of-the-line printers, currently the Epson SureColor P9000, Canon 8400 and 9400 color-calibrated printers.

These printers use archival pigmented inks that are guaranteed to not fade for a century.

For more on how we handle the files you upload, refer to this blog post.

We have several quality control steps built into our printing process. However, because we are dealing with fine art materials, they will rarely contain very small flaws such as a white dot on the image, or tiny mark that may have been in the paper prior to printing. 

If your photo arrives with a major issue or defect, please contact us immediately. For minor flaws such as the ones described above that are inherent to the creation of hand made, fine art products, we do not offer reprints at our expense. To keep our printing prices reasonable, we are not able to guarantee that every print will be clinically flawless, and can't justify the environmental cost of throwing away good prints with the smallest of imperfections. 

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