We need the width and height of your artwork to the nearest 1/8”.

Flatten out your print as much as possible and measure from paper-edge to paper-edge. Round up to the higher 1/8” if you are in between and provide your dimensions.

For example, a print that is 12" wide by 15-3/4" high would look as follows: 

Now that we know the exact size of your artwork, we'll make all the necessary adjustments when making the frame to fit.

A note about matting

Note that if you add a mat to a frame, the matting will overlap your artwork by approximately 1/4” on each side to hold it in place. As noted above, we will make this adjustment for you based on the actual edge-to-edge dimensions you provide. 

However, if you would like the mat to overlap your print by more or less than the standard 1/4”, or have any other special requests on the size of the mat window opening, please contact us via chat or support@levelframes.com.

Centimeters and European Measurements

If centimeter measurements are more accurate, or you have a print that is a size like A4, go with the closest dimensions in inches and then include the cm measurements in the 'Special Instructions' field at checkout. We'll produce the frame according to the measurements in cm.

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