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How to find the highest resolution image available for quality printing

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The image size and resolution will vary across NFTs, and like any photo, the resolution of the file will determine how large your print can be before it starts to pixellate.

Right-clicking a preview image from OpenSea or other NFT sites typically does not provide a high-resolution image.

We have a few options and tips here for obtaining the best image possible for printing.

Connect Your Wallet

If you have a MetaMask wallet, you can use our web3 page to connect (read-only access) and locate even higher-resolution image files if they are available.

If you don't have MetaMask or prefer not to connect, there are a few other ways to find a higher resolution image than the preview image.

Ethereum based tokens

You can obtain the original image file using the OpenSea API.

First, find the OpenSea page for your NFT and look for its identifier in the URL. This will usually be a long string of numbers and letter signifying the collection, followed by a slash that indicates the specific item in that collection:

If you copy and paste that full string of numbers after "asset", you can add it to the end of the following URL:

This would create a full link similar to this:

Which would bring you to a "Get Asset" page like this:

Now, click on or copy and paste that image_original_url link into a new browser window to view the original image file. It's a better resolution image than the preview image, and you will be able to right-click to save it.

Solana based NFTs

First locate your NFT on Then click into it, and click "View" Token to see the metadata at Solana Explorer.

From here you just need to click on "View Original" to open a new tab with the better image that you can right-click to save.

We can't make any claims about what you will find, but you can also try entering your wallet address in this NFT Explorer app from Jesi - click into an individual NFT to reveal a large preview image that you can save with a right click.

Or group multiple NFT images in one of our customizable collage frames.

Note that some of these files may still be small and won't print well above 6" x 6", and in such cases you may be able to obtain a higher resolution image straight from the creator or project. Many NFTs offer this as a benefit of owning the token.

For more on crypto art and the best way to print and frame it, check out our guide to Framing Your NFTs.

Happy framing!

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