Our frames are made with either a wire on the back, a sawtooth hanger attached to the frame, or in some cases a cleat system for hanging. 

Before hanging, install the included plastic bumpers on the bottom two corners of your frame.

Wire Hanging

Most of our frames come with a wire strung across the back for hanging. We'll also supply the hanging hardware - one or multiple picture framing hooks:

To hang, first position the frame where you would like it to hang (having a partner helps) and make a light pencil mark on the wall above the center of the frame’s top edge.

Next, measure the distance between the top of your frame and the wire, and make a new pencil mark that same distance below your first mark. 

Using a hammer, tap the nail into the hook so that the bottom of the hook is level with your lower pencil mark.

Now use your hand to place the wire on the back of your frame into the cradle of the hook. Make sure the wire is inside the hook and not resting on top of the nail head. Level your frame, and you are done!

Tip for larger frames:

To add extra security for heavier frames, you can use multiple picture framing hooks on the wall, spaced 10" to 12" apart. This can also help pull the frame in closer to the wall.

Sawtooth Hardware

On smaller frames, or by special request, we'll install a simple sawtooth hanging system.

If your frame has a sawtooth hanger attached to the top edge, locate the steel picture-hanging nail that is enclosed with your shipment.

With a pencil, lightly mark the spot on your wall where you'd like the top edge of the frame to be. One half-inch below that mark, use a hammer to tap in the nail at a very slight, downward angle, leaving a little of the black nail showing.

Now hang your frame so that the nail is in contact with the sawtooth (and not the frame). Level your frame, and you are done!

Cleat System

For extra large, oversize frames, we may recommend or decide to go with a french cleat hanging system.

One to two cleat bars will be pre-installed on the back of the frame along the top edges.

We will supply the corresponding cleat bars you will install in the wall. 

Because this system is designed for heavier frames, we will include drywall anchors you can use when screwing the cleat bars into the wall.

Make sure that the cleat bars are even and level before installing and hanging your frame by dropping it over the top so that the cleat bars interlock.

If you have any questions on the hanging methods above, or are missing any of the hardware components required, please let us know so that we can help.

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