We have a few different ways to keep artwork and photos in place inside your frame.

If you are framing at home and selected a mat, it will ship with pre-cut pieces of archival tape that you can apply to the back of your artwork and the back of the matting once everything is in place. Archival tape can be safely removed without damaging your artwork -- to do this, we recommend using a blow dryer to heat up the tape until it is malleable enough to be slowly peeled off.

For framed photos we will drymount your print to an acid-free foamboard so that it does not wrinkle or wave.

If you are sending your artwork for us to frame, with your permission we may drymount the print to a Bainbridge Artcare Restore foamboard, which has an archival, non-permeable adhesive which can be completely removed from the art if necessary (best done by a professional, though). 

Alternatively and by special request, we are able to use mylar corners, which are plastic corner pockets that hold your art in place without applying tape or adhesive to the art. These are typically used with matted art since they can be concealed underneath the matting. 

If you are unsure, or have any questions about these mounting methods, please reach out to us and we can help you decide which method is best for your project. 

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