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Tips on Frame Upkeep
Tips on Frame Upkeep

How to properly take care of your custom frame

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Acrylic Glaze

If the acrylic glaze becomes dusty, use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe it down. For more stubborn dirt, wet the cloth with either ammonia-free glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.  Avoid using paper towels since they could scratch the surface or leave an acidic residue. Do not use regular glass cleaner!


For wooden frames, use a dust cleaner or slightly damp cloth with water. Refrain from using wood polish or cleaning sprays since this could create moisture and possibly damage the contents.

Extra Tips

Dust your frames regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt. If you want to disassemble the frame for a thorough cleaning, be sure to lay the various components onto a clean dust-free towel or blanket. Make sure all components are completely dry before reassembly. 

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